Unarmed Security Course


  1. Unarmed ‘Class-D’ Course
  2. Armed ‘Class-G’ Course
  3. Armed ‘G’ Annual Requals
  4. Handcuff & Pepper Spray Certification
  5. Firearm Training; Handgun, Shotgun, Rifle
  6. First Aid/AED/CPR Certification
  7. Electronic Devices Course – Coming Soon!
unarmed class d security license courses


Unarmed Class-D Security License Course:

Security details come in an array of environments. From indoors to outdoors or the combo therein. You may be sitting at a desk, monitoring a guard gate, walking a dock, guarding a parking lot, or transporting an asset. It is imperative that on all security details you are operating with the utmost professionalism in your attitude, attire, and activity. In today’s day and age, SECURITY GUARDS are especially the first line of defense against dark intentioned individuals so you being alert and invested in your detail duties may mean the lives or assets you are being employed to protect!

This quality course is filled with training modules, scenario instruction, and hands-on practicals so you will positively learn and be equipped on how to be a top-notch security officer!


“I took the unarmed security D licensing class which was great and interactive. The instructor Rich is very knowledgeable. His information is exactly what the state asked him to teach, meaning it was not based on his own opinions. I recommend this class and all the others he offers. I’m also taking his armed G course. Such a great and funny guy. Over 20 years in the game so pretty much a Security Guru.”  Jeromy W.

All Florida provides you a solid entry-level foundation of knowledge, skills, tools, and training for gaining employment as an unarmed security officer.

In All Florida’s Unarmed Security Officer Course you will get:

  • You’ll get the state-required 42-hour course.
  • You will learn all the conduct, job duties, responsibilities, procedures & protocols of a security officer.
  • The applicable laws, rules, and liabilities.
  • Identifying the necessary tools an S.O. requires and practical exercises in using them.
  • Managing emergencies, threats, and evacuations.
  • Completing the appropriate forms and reports of security details.
  • Review how to’s of patrolling, crowd control, and event security.
  • You will perform practicals with 2-way radio communication, using a security wand, traffic control devices, and securing a perimeter.
  • Receive extensive training in first aid, safety awareness, emergency preparedness, and terrorism.



  • State Application
  • Fingerprints
  • Picture
  • Notary


We will even provide you the information to obtain your Temporary Guard License to begin working right away!

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  1. You must be 18 years of age or older
  2. Have a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.
  3. No criminal history
  4. Are a US citizen and a permanent resident in the U.S.A. OR can provide a valid permanent Resident Alien Card.
  5. No history of mental illness.
  6. No drug or alcohol usage.
  7. You understand that a drug test and a background check will be completed (per employer).

Florida Class “D” and “G” security applicants must undergo a criminal background check prior to receiving a license to practice security. Here are some of the criminal history items which may disqualify applicants and keep them from getting a license.

If the applicant has committed a felony, or a crime which is punishable by more than one year in prison, he becomes generally disqualified for licensure. The applicant may still be approved if 10 years has gone by since his release from state supervision and his Civil Rights have been restored.

Applicants may experience a denial if they have a past history of arrest for crimes such as trespassing, robbery, theft, assault, resisting an officer and other offenses which are violent in nature; have demonstrated a disrespect for law; have outstanding bench warrants; or, are currently in a pretrial intervention or deferred prosecution program.

As they apply for licensure, applicants are advised to completely document all past arrest information and to provide a certified version of court dispositions.

Source: Security Officer Network

  • Serving our community since 1998
  • Office headquartered in Port St. Lucie, FL
  • FL State Licensed Security Guard Agency B1200299
  • Security Guard Manager – M1800042
  • Unarmed Security Guard ‘DS’ School – DS1800091
  • Unarmed Security Guard ‘DI’ Instructor – DI1800193
  • Statewide Firearm ‘K’ Instructor – K1800070
  • NRA Private Security Firearms Instructor for Handgun & Shotgun
  • NRA Chief Range Safety Instructor
  • NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for Handgun & Shotgun
  • Law enforcement trained and certified K-9 handler 18+ years
  • 21+ years Capturing 1000+ Fugitives around USA

Here are a few of the venues you could be employed on for any given security position, whether armed or unarmed:

  • Corporations
  • Educational Facilities
  • Transportation Hubs
  • Power Plants
  • Scientific Research Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Financial Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Concert Arenas
  • Sporting Events
  • City Organizations
  • Private Occasions
  • Personal Bodyguards
  • County Fairs
  • Retail Stores
  • and many more…

Just finished the Class D Security license class at All Florida Investigations & Security Services with Chief Richard Stein, CEO. Absolutely great class run in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere. A great deal of information and training is covered in this 42 hour course. I highly recommend that anyone looking to obtain their Florida Security licenses ( D and G) to seek out Mr. Stein at All Florida Investigations & Security Services for training. Mr. Stein has been in the business over 20 years, is highly experienced, credible and credentialed. I say this being a retired Law Enforcement Officer of 31 years experience. Check the website out and find the wide range of training and services that he provides. You won’t be disappointed!

Richard W.

Unarmed Course

“Richard is highly experienced in the security field and it shows. His teaching method is down to earth and easy to apply. His practical-tactical teaching approach makes his lessons very engaging and unintimidating. I highly recommend his classes to any future security officers!

Brian P.

Unarmed Course

“Richard Stein is an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable, and great guy. I would highly recommend anybody to his school and classes. I will be a repeat student in the future.”

Steve N.

Unarmed Course

“Great hands on training and learned a lot and in a friendly atmosphere.. looking forward to starting my G class!”

Paul W.

Unarmed Course

“I highly recommend you give this amazing and professional company a call for any services you need. Richard is a highly trained instructor. He gave me incredible knowledge and knows what he’s doing. You will thank me once you take a course with Richard. He works with you at any given time. Give him a call.”

Willie L.

Just took the September class. Thank you Rich for everything. Was a lot of great information. Looking forward to taking the armed class.

Jacqueline M.

Unarmed Course

“Awesome instructor, makes the class interesting and fun at times. 👍”

Ken I.

Unarmed Course
Security Guards D and G certification course

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