"Very helpful Concealed Carry class by Richard Stein.  He was pleasant, knowledgeable and the class was very informative. Loved the hands-on instruction."          

    Thank you

      Eileen Bumbalo                               

   "Richard is awesome! He really answered All of my questions and addressed all of my concerns regarding firearms. I highly recommend taking his courses. His security service is TOP notch! Richard is THOROUGH in analysis, logistics and planning security services. I’ve personally done business with Richard and am very pleased with his business etiquette, patience and execution."

                                                                      Indira Ceville 


ladies concealed weapons carry permit class

   "I recently took the concealed weapons class and found Richard to be very knowledgeable and professional. He even offered the class 1 on 1 instruction for practice and proficiency. Since I had never handled a firearm before, my plan is to take advantage of his offer! I highly recommend his services."

​                         Denise Thalacker

   "Very informative. The instructor is VERY knowledgeable as he is part of LE, his experience undeniably shows & the patience he has to teach hands down the best! Highly recommended."

​                            Lidia Sepulveda​                              

Concealed Weapons Permit Class 

THIS BASIC 4 HOUR FIREARM SAFETY COURSE is designed to prepare gun owners to carry a firearm with confidence and proficiency. The goal of this course will be to provide class instruction, physical handling, and shooting range introduction.

We will be discussing:

     NRA rules for safe gun handling.

     Develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude for firearm

     responsibility, carrying laws and liabilities.

     Introduction to Firearm safety, parts, operation,

     ammunition and the loading of your pistol's magazine.

     Physically review the fundamentals of shooting

     ie. stance, grip, & sight alignment for safe gun handling.

     Review firearm maintenance and the hands-on

     disassembling and reassembling of your pistol.

     Learn safe concealment for your firearms at home, work,

     in your vehicle, and on your person.

     Safe storage and storage choices for your firearm


     Range safety and shooting facility orientation. You will

     be required to fire a pistol, with your instructor present,

     to complete your certification.

     Personal Technique Training available for an add't fee.

This Co-Ed course is $55 and taught by an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. Certificates will be provided at the end of successful completion of the course.


   "I participated in the concealed weapons permit class and found it very informative, educational, and lots of questions were asked and answered. It was a very comfortable environment and I recommend his teaching to anybody and everybody. support your local businesses and learn to protect yourself from a very experienced professional."  

                              Stephanie Guertin 

   "I took the conceal carry class and absolutely loved it. Richard is a wonderful teacher and instantly puts you at ease. I recommend them highly."

​           Deborah Adkins


   "Learned a lot Of Information In My Concealed Weapon Class Richard & His Staff Are Very Friendly People & Make You Feel Very Comfortable Great instructions, Excellent Security I Highly Recommend This Class. Thanks, Richard."

                                        Aujah Haynes


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