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concealed weapons course

   "I have never handled a gun before I met Richard Stein. He taught me everything I needed to know about the gun and how to use it. He even taught me how to clean it after we were done. I cannot recommend him enough."

                     Jamie Koster

concealed firearm permit

4-Hour Concealed Weapons Permit Course 

This basic 4-hour firearm safety course is designed to prepare gun owners to intentionally carry a firearm with clarity and confidence. It is intended for all individuals regardless of shooting experience. This course is $55 and taught by an NRA Law Enforcement Instructor. Certificates will be provided at the end of successful completion of the course.

The goal of this course will be to:

* Highlight the NRA gun safety rules

* Develop the knowledge, skills, and attitude for firearm responsibility

* Firearm basics and nomenclature

* Fundamentals of shooting skills and techniques

* Proper storage and cleaning of your firearm

* Florida's laws, rules, rights, and reciprocity

* Civil and criminal legality and responsibility

* Encountering and correcting firearm errors

* The importance of NRA and USCCA Memberships

* And much more...

   "Richard is extremely professional and knowledgeable in his field - I highly recommend his services!"

                   Jeffrey Mayer

   "I highly recommend All Florida Investigations & Security Services Inc. I took the Concealed Carry class. I was a little nervous at first but the lovely Richard and Tina made me feel comfortable. The class was beyond informative and really prepares you! I loved it! Everyone attending was sooo friendly and encouraging so that’s a huge plus! Chief Richard is amazing!! He is patient and really cares about his students. I recommend Richard & Tina to everyone!!! Simply the best!"

                                                                                                             Amber Souza

30-Minute Range Safety Course

This 30 minute Range Safety Course is designed to give prospective gun owners the opportunity to experience safe firearm handling in a shooting range environment. This 30 min course is $45 which includes; firearm rental, ammunition, and a Certified NRA Range Safety Instructor. Range fees are not included. Call to schedule with the instructor.

The goal of this range course will be to:

* Shooting facility orientation and to learn range safety.

* Physically review the fundamentals of shooting; stance, grip, and sight alignment for safe

   gun handling.

* Fire ammunition from a .22 caliber, 380, and a 9mm to best determine personal comfort.

   (approx. 25 rounds)


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In a world that seems to get more dangerous every day, a little forethought can go a long way when it comes to protecting you, your loved ones, and beyond. 

concealed carry permit class

As a new addition to our companies service list, 
All Florida is now an FFL - Federal Firearms Dealer!  
You can get your firearms, ammo, safes, duty belts, security guard accessories, cleaning kits, firearms cases & bags, knives, lasers, targets, and so much more, at GREAT PRICES, right from us! 

There are no firearms on the premises.


2nd & 4th SATURDAY and

3rd THURSDAY of the MONTH.

Specific class dates can be found on your Registration Form.


   "I recently took a concealed weapons license with Richard. Not only was the class very informative but very professionally presented. I had no experience with firearms, Richard took me to the range and very patiently corrected my stance and how I held the firearm. All the time with nothing but safety and how important it is explained to me with every move. By the end of the day, I even hit a bullseye and every shot hit the target. I highly recommend All Florida Investigations & Security Services Inc as a professional and highly experienced company with safety in mind."
                       Many thanks Paul Leeder

   "My husband and I took the concealed weapons class from Richard s short time ago. I had preconceived ideas of a boring class but I was wrong. It was very informative. Richard was so organized, professional, well prepared and made what could have been boring material interesting. We had great fun in the class and learned a lot. I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in getting their concealed weapons permit. Richard also makes himself available for future practice of handling your weapons."

                      Carol & Michael Horton

concealed weapon permit class